Reach candidates at the AAN Annual Meeting April 22 - 27, 2023!

12,000+ neurology professionals - multiple ways to meet

Annual Meeting Advertising Deadlines:  

March 8 Career Compass Job Guide – available for attendees onsite, mailed May 1 to 25,300 U.S. Neurologists.  Packages start at $1,995. 

March 30 Jobs Email – reach passive AND active job seekers with this popular email sent April 14. Packages start at $1,095.  

April 1 AANnews – available for attendees onsite, mailed May 1 to 25,300 U.S. Neurologists. Packages start at $1,695. 

April 7 Scrolling Job Board – located at the Career Center booth during the meeting; features job listing + logo + QR code for attendees to quickly access your full job posting.  Add-on option $295 with any package purchase. 


          Java, Juice & Jobs - A Career Event*

*The Career Compass Job guide is distributed at Java, Juice & Jobs 

Monday, April 24, 2023, 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. ET

AAN Annual Meeting in Boston


NEW!  Purchase credits to unlock neurology-only candidate CVs 

The Career Center has a robust, fully searchable 1,100+ candidate CV database available for viewing.  Included with some packages, also available as an add-on option - $395 for a 25-pack of credits.  Not sold separately.

For more information: or 612.928.6177


Find Out if Your Pay is Competitive with Neurology Compensation and Productivity Data

The AAN’s 2021 Neurology Compensation and Productivity dashboard is available with responses from more than 4,000 American Academy of Neurology participants, making this the largest and most robust source of data on neurology compensation and productivity metrics. You can access this valuable data for only $1,500 and use the versatile dashboard to filter the data by subspecialty, practice setting, and region to help you target your recruitment efforts. Learn more or purchase. 


Advantages of Career Center online advertising:

  • Neurology Career Center online ads are live within 15 minutes of posting.
  • Access to the candidate CV database.
  • Discounts available on bulk advertising purchases.
  • New add-on options (Job tweets, facebook posts, etc.) help expand your candidate reach.

Upcoming Deadlines: 

February 1             AANnews

February 2             Jobs Email

February 3             AANe-news

February 15           Jobs Email

February 17           AANe-news

March 1                 AANnews

March 2                 Jobs Email

March 3                 AANe-news

March 8                 Job Guide - Annual Meeting Issue

March 16               Jobs Email

March 17               AANe-news

March 30               Jobs Email

April 1                    AANnews

April 7                    AANe-news

April 7                    Scrolling Job Board

April 13                  Jobs Email

April 21                  AANe-news

April 27                  Jobs Email

May 1                     AANnews


View the 2023 Media Kit for complete rate and deadline information. 

How to Post a Job

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